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Newsreadeck brings to you the best reading experience.
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Easy to find

With a simple search, you can find what you want and more.


Modern design

Keep It Simple, and clean to bring you real value.


Distraction-free reading

All distractions have been removed, leaving you to focus on the article itself.

awesome features

Awesome features.

Multiples Sources

Follow as many sources as you want, without limit, from any country or any language.


Everything in Newsreadeck is automatically syncs across all your devices when you're login.

Free distractions

All the articles could be read without any distraction


You can listen to the news. Some will be read for you.

Take a closer look

Find, Follow and enjoy the best experience reading the news that are most important for you, without any distraction.

Some sources on your language

Frequently Asked Questions

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It's Free?

YES. Newsreadeck is 100% free to use. We don't charge anything and we do not show advertising.

Do I need to register to be able to use the app?

NO. Newsreadeck doesnt requiere any registration. The registration is optional and let you sync your data across any device. Because we're not using your iCloud space, the only way to know "what do you are following" is throw an optional registration.

Are the Articles free of distractions?

YES. Newsreadeck have a technology that let that most of the articles remove any distraction, so you can contrate only on what the article said. Also, we added extra tool to help you to theme the article screen as you wish, setting the color, font size and font style.

Can I listen the news?

YES. Newsreadeck lets you listen the article in the article's languages just with one tap.

How many source can I add to my account?

No Limits. That is. Newsreadeck let you add as many source as you want. Discover new sources, follow what most like you.

Are there a version for iPad or MacOS?

Coming Up. On Newsreadeck, we are working to add support for iPad and MacOS devices soon. We are building special layout for each one to take advantage of the screen size and gestures.

Is my iPhone supported?

For sure. We built Nesreadeck to support iOS 13 (iPhone, iPod touch) in advance. We like the old fashion devices and support as many devices as we can is our first priority.

How do I get the App for my phone?

SIMPLY. Look for our name in the App Store. You may also click here.

Is there a version for Android?

No. Sadly, there are not plan to add support for Android devices on the close roundmap of Newsreadeck.

I have a suggestion for you

AWESOME. In Newsreadeck we love that users contact us with their suggestions. You can send any feedback to:

Download it now

Newsreadeck is available as a FREE iPhone app on the App Store.